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The Most Beautiful Thoughts That You Can Have

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June 26, 2017


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When there is a campfire and it is sprinkling; imagine a single raindrop falling from the clouds straight onto the center of the fire, but evaporating into vapor before it gets there.


All the people and animals are just doing their own thing now. They are going about their own separate lives even though you are just sitting here reading this. You don’t have to do anything, the world will go on.

(It’s nice to think of all the animals out there being happy when you are just laying down relaxing, and I do this whenever I can.)


Go on Google Maps and look at your home or one of your previous houses. So much of your life, your emotions, your work, your happiness, your realisations has been within this one place.

Now zoom out and look at all the other people’s homes. Zoom out further and further.


When you die and everyone you knew dies, you will be completely forgotten and everything you have done in your entire life will not matter anymore. That’s peaceful….

it means you shouldn’t worry so much about achievement and failure.

Some find this thought frightening however. It depends on the person. Here is a Reddit comment that leans more towards the latter:


The person you love saying your name


People always do what they see as the best thing they can be doing at any moment. When someone is with you, that is what they see as being the best thing they can do right now


Beauty is everywhere in this world, but it needs a person to appreciate it otherwise it is just wasted. There is always a good reason for taking a moment to just look at something beautiful.

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