Best Times To Post on Social Networks

Maintaining an up-to-date social media life is becoming harder than ever these days.  It’s complicated enough to manage your day-to-day work activities and social life.

Is there a benefit in using social media? Is it becoming a little overwhelming?  Is there too much social clutter? What’s the best time to post on Twitter or Facebook?

One challenge for small business owners, is finding the best time to publish content that engages and is shared within the social grapevine.

The team at Raka Creative have revealed a creative infographic, displaying data collected from a recent study by popular URL shortening service Bitly.

Here are some key insights from the infographic that solves the mystery of when should I post (for click-throughs):

  • The best times to tweet, to improve your traffic, is 1pm-3pm
  • On Fridays, forget about tweeting after 3pm, “Beer-o’clock”!
  • Avoid tweeting after 8pm, unless your catching up with people in the US
  • The best times to post on Facebook, for better traffic, is between 1pm-4pm
  • The best day to share is Saturday
  • Weekend posts get less traffic than weekdays. Which is why you need to have pro-Facebook work environment

Take a look at the infographic and let us know what stat you will be keeping an eye on most.

Best Times To Post on Twitter and Facebook

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