Introducing d Monkeys, or our dLook Mascots.

With Digital Editions we finally have a medium to introduce the dLook mascots, our d Monkeys.

On the left is Chatter Monkey, the socialite.

In the middle is Funky Monkey, the hip, groovy and cool one.

Then there’s iMonkey, the tech, geek, guru.

They each represent different parts of the Internet and enable us to focus on unique areas under their guidance!

The Inspiration Behind d Monkeys

Three Wise Monkeys
Source: Wikipedia

The d Monkeys are a reverse image of the three wise monkeys carved above the Tōshō-gū shrine in Nikkō, Japan.

The three wise monkeys are accredited as the inspiration of the saying:

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

Which in itself is likely derived from the Analects of Confucius circa 2nd to 4th Century BC.

So was born the three d Monkeys, “Shout out, listen to and see more”.

From Concept to Graphic

Early ArtworkBased on a very sketchy brief, our graphics team started molding our monkeys into life.

The first few sketches of Funky Monkey were far too aggressive, and iMonkey is now standing and holding an iPhone, but we finally agreed on these early mockups.

From here we had them vectored and suddenly they came to life.

Now this may seem remarkably trivial to you, the reader, but for the originators of the design it was fantastic to see these critters become a reality.

We even had our own internal competition on what we should name them.

Funky Monkey was cool and came from a great suggestion by one of our ops team, Murray.

iMonkey just seemed appropriate being the whole tech thing – and supporting Apple seems to go hand in hand for many gurus.

Chatter Monkey took the longest. Our socialite and only girl in the team!

We wanted something that represented social media and social monkey didn’t do it, nor did Sound Monkey, Voice or Vocal monkey, nothing quite fitted.

But Chatter monkey took the prize.

So came to life our d Monkeys, and our new mascots for dLook.

Our dLook monkeys are symbolic of our work and our culture. They represent a new era, a changing of the guard, a change of attitude and a sense of fun.

My future dream is to bring them to life in a cartoon … but, hey, that may have to wait a while!

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