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promote non profits

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What Media Cause says

Volunteer led online marketing services for non-profits and NGO’s.

Media Cause helps non-profits and NGOs with SEO, Google Grants, and social media through online volunteering. SEO training and SEO internships available.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeyDo you possess online skills?

Can you blog?

Provide SEO or SEM assistance?

Can you invest a few hours of your time to help others?

Well this is the site for you!

The Media Cause Challenge

Once you register then you can accept challenges to work with local and overseas organisations. Assist them in building their online profile and help them make the most out of the web. Of course there is a bit of kudos for you and/or organisation, as well as the satisfaction in promoting a worthwhile cause.

You even nominate the areas that interest you most.

I love coming across these types of sites – a place where people want to make a difference truly can!

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