milaap | Microfinance in India

milaap | Microfinance in India

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What Milaap says

Milaap takes low cost capital, loaned by you, to the people who need it the most, providing them with the means to a sustainable income and access to necessities for a healthy and dignified life.

100% of your loan amount reaches the end-borrower.  Which means we make every cent count.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey
Love the concept of this site, it provides an opportunity to truly make a difference within your chosen budgeted amount.

From just US$50, you can loan money to those desperately in need and help a family get running water, install a toilet or even start a small business.

It really is a loan!

The recipients pay back the loan over time – sure Milaap tells you it’s a high risk, after all the bank wouldn’t give it to them. But, my experience, is that you do get paid back. Also, if you choose, that money can be reinvested back into the community to help someone else as well.

This is a fantastic use of the web – a great way to connect budding philanthropists to those that desperately need it.

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