Blogs are the most popular source for mums on parenting advice

As the web library expands and engulfs us all, mothers are searching for reliable sources of information on the web, to help ease their anxiety of “better parenting”.

Recent studies in the US show more than two-thirds of mothers are searching online for parenting advice.

According to a survey by Blog Her, in July 2012, shows that new mothers tend to ask an endless volume of questions and are willing to spend more than they need to feel at ease.

Blogs came out on top as a trusted source of parenting information, the highest age bracket being 28-45 years of age, which accounted for 72%.

Other social media platforms that followed were Facebook at 64%, YouTube at 36% and Pinterest at 31%.

These stats reveal the increasing value in video content, and how visual content focused sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are engaging mothers in the younger age brackets.

Social media sites mums trust

Further studies show that mothers are not only consuming the content, they trust what is being recommended in the blog sites.

New mothers, in particular, are in unfamiliar territory and brands are appealing to them through targeted product and service recommendations.

Furthermore to the survey, 63% of purchases were book recommendations from blog sites, followed by food and product purchases, based on testimonials and reviews on blog sites.

The recommendations and ads in these blogs focused on playing up to the “anxiety provoking” intuition that new mothers tend to go through.

Mum stats on reading a recommendation

Mothers and women in general, were the early adopters of social networks, who are keen to stay connected. The study presents a great opportunity for marketers to plan better and integrate to solve the social puzzle.

Resources and Images courtesy of eMarketer

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