This is a Good Sign

“It just makes people happier”

Eric Dennis, founder

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What This is a Good Sign says

This is a positive and uplifting message in a time when it’s needed most. This is also a powerful brand that people connect with. We are helping to promote the good things in life.

The keywords associated are: positivity, encouragement, success, empowerment, hope, community, creativity, fun, optimism.

What Funky Monkey says

Funky MonkeyThis Is A Good Sign … is an inspiration, maybe an aspiration?

Regardless, in a world filled with signs, symbols, marketing messages and hype it’s nice to see someone bucking the trend. An organisation dedicated to hope, to positivity.

If you check out their Facebook page, you can see the hundreds of signs that have popped up all over the planet.

The founder, Eric Dennis, summed up his motivation for the movement: “It just makes people happier”.

The web is amorphous, growing in many directions, and it’s great to see a site like this promoting greater happiness just for the sake of being happy.


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