A Good Taste in Cafés

After years of working an office job, I finally moved out of the city and purchased a beautiful house in a secluded lot on the coast. Sadly I was only 35, not quite old enough to retire yet. However I had always wanted to own my own cafe. Of course I knew it would be very difficult work, but if I loved it and it was rewarding, then why would I not? So started my search for a dream cafe to rent and make my own.

Along our strip of coast there were a string of stunning cafes and restaurants with alfresco dining. A little shop overlooking the sea would be good I though. Serving coffee and lunch to all those passing through, making milk shakes for the youngsters on the way home from school But after searching for a little spot like this I began to feel that that type of café just wasn’t me. As I sat sipping a latte, hearing the autos fly past on the great sea road, I made my decision.

My partner was thrilled with the idea, as it meant I’d spend less cash that I might have spent had I bought a store. My sister told me it was a amazing idea and I was sure to make good money. My best mate exclaimed that I’d be the first stop for breakfast in the morning. It looked like my notion of a mobile coffee van was a winner.

It was more than a coffee shop, it was a cafe on wheels. I prepared a selection of food each night to go out on the run the next morning. From tasty cakes to Greek salad, sandwiches and snacks for the youngsters, I had something to keep everyone well fed and satisfied. With a month of qualified barista coaching under my belt, I was making tasty coffee and brewing tea to perfection.

I did a regular run, frequenting areas where outdoor cafe services were lacking, like little beaches and parks. In time I had a list of homes and companies added to my daily run. Whether it was folks in isolated areas dying for a good cup of coffee or busy retail employees who could not travel far for lunch, the business just kept coming. After five years, business is booming and I could not be more satisfied!

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