Check List for Fast Removals

Working out what you want to ask a Removalist salesperson when seeking a relocation quote if you plan quickly moving house or office can either be a nightmare or it can be as easy as making a call to the right phone number. The trouble is that working out what’s the right removalist number may also be a bad dream. For anyone who wishes to get out of their present location on short notice or superfast, the chances are worse as there is simply insufficient time to choose or select the best overall option. A great way to begin is to grasp the common indications of a good… and a bad removal quote. Here is a fast checklist.

Can they be reached when needed

This is an amazingly tell tale sign. Professional furniture movers service not only pop up in the Net search engines but also have multiple phone numbers, e-mail and a well updated web site. If the only number you are given is that of the boss, forget all about it and keep looking.

Do they have references

This is potentially the safest indicator of a good relocation service. Those who have already managed several superfast relocations will have no problem sharing the latest options and offer. While on it, check out their insurance cover and, crucially, whether there is a subcontractor in the mix. Referrals from repeat customers could be a good guide here regarding the care and respect for you effects the mover may take once he has the job. Look for testimonials but be careful of made up reviews that are just too glowing as they may happen to be mostly fake.

Is their quotation comprehensive

Except for poor time management, mishandling of heavy furniture or breaking antiques, dishes and fine art, there is very little as annoying as hidden expenses. Packing and wrapping material ought to be included in packaging charges. Parking and waiting costs should ideally be on their tab. If not, you are being set up for extra charges after the job is finished.

Can they organize for extra services

Some professional removalists may not offer incidental services such as rubbish or waste removal, house cleaning, furniture disposal, document eradication or storage. But the best ones either do or have a ready set of contacts they have used before to provde these type of services. Ensure you get all you need before you accept a quote.

Cost and time

Finally, look at the figures on offer from a quote. Is it all up or per hour? A comparison between 3 or even more quotes usually does the trick to  make a selection. Anyone giving you a figure that maybe too high and, especially too low from the average, is doubtless hiding something in the costing so beware of the best price may be not the cheapest overall unless you can determine who is doing the work and that all the services are included.


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