Encourage Creativity in Your Child

I come from a long line of accomplished craftsmen. Some of my ancestors worked with wood and later steel, others with fabric and some with the land. When I gave birth to my girl, I hoped she would have the same talent as me, writing. But as she grew and her personality started to blossom, it was all too clear that craft which was her legacy was art.

At just two years of age she spent majority of her time drawing and painting. Of course her masterpieces were not studio worthy at this point, but that did not stop them being hung in the studio De Refrigerator. From drawings with crayons of the family to gracing the drive with chalk squiggles, she won’t have had all the talents yet, but she most definitely had passion to burn.

She grew up quicker than I could believe and soon she was in primary school. It was here that she first started to engage others with her creations. Craft was her favorite school activity and her teachers often told me how impressed they were with her creativeness and flare. For her eighth birthday I acquired her paints, brushes and a canvas or three from the local art supplies shop, it was the best decision I ever made.

Coming to the end of school my daughter’s aptitude for art actually shone. Branching out from standard painting, she dove head first into creative outlets, using a massive range of craft tools and craft supplies. Poster paints gave way to oil paints, glitter pens to gorgeous ink and fountain pens. Her works were totally varied showing different subjects, themes, styles and attitudes as she explored the arena of art.

Framing a print of one of her top selling works was a humbling day. When I see that picture I think of all of the papers that used to flutter about her room and the dozens of sketch books full of doodles and designs. Sure, some of her talents came from art classes, but I still believe the majority of it’s a gift from our heritage, a gift that she has respected, I have encouraged and we both feel blessed to have.

So encourage your child to take up a creative pursuit as I did mine, you never know what surprises may be in store.

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