Four Reasons to Hire a Marine Surveyor

So you want to buy a boat?

Before launching off and buying that boat, yacht or cruiser that you’ve had your heart set on, it’s best to get the professional advice of a certified marine surveyor first.
Much like when you buy a residential property or even just a car or motorbike, a recognised marine surveyor will perform a number of standard procedures that will help you make an informed decision about your future purchase.
Aside from affirming the seaworthiness of the craft in question, a marine surveyor will offer you a similar service as that of the NRMA, Red Book and Revs. They will also inspect equipment intended for your dream vessel to make sure that it meets all safety standards and compliance specifications. Just as you would never buy a car that looked dodgy or worse – too good to be true – marine surveyors will ensure that you boat or yacht is not a floating lemon, ready to sink as soon as you take it out on the water.

Some of the services that licensed marine surveyors provide include:

i. Pre-Purchase Inspections – A pre-purchase inspection will uncover all of the boat’s faults and highlight any areas that need specific attention, repair or that may affect the final price upon settlement. This task of the surveyor is particularly important as it will ensure that your vessel is not only sea worthy but that it also meets all government requirements, so that you don’t end up with a hefty fine.

ii. Insurance Inspection Reports – Insurance reports are required by your nominated insurance company and need to be up to date, thorough and signed off before you get to cast your first line into the harbour.

iii. Valuation or Appraisal – If you’re selling a boat, you might want to know what it’s worth before you put it in The Trading Post or selling it to a dealer, because after all you want t make sure that you are getting the best possible sale price. So a certified valuation and appraisal of the craft will do you well. A marine surveyor may also be able to instruct you on certain ways to increase the value of your vessel, such as new equipment, a new paint job, etc.

iv. Damage Inspection – If you’re buying a boat, you might want to know if it has a checkered past – that’s where damage inspections and reports come in. And where you may bow out if you don’t like what you see.

So whether you’re in the market for the Love Boat or the Boat That Rocked, you might want to employ the services of a marine surveyor first – because it’s better you get that sinking feeling before you sign the contract than after when you’re clinging to a floatation device and clutching a beacon.

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