Immortalize Your Horse with a Horse Portrait Artist

Many people who love horses also love horse paraphernalia. Many people who have lots of horse paraphernalia also own their own horse. How better to add to your collection of horse-related collectables then by immortalizing your pet by having their portrait taken? Not everyone can paint horses like George Stubbs but that does not mean that there aren’t some amazing modern horse portrait artists out there.

If you are planning to find a horse portrait artist, first of all, you have to understand some basic specifications aside from style and price. Here is some sound advice to make sure that you hire the best equine artist:

Capture the True Likeness

Your horse portrait artist should possess the necessary skills to be able to capture the true likeness of your horse – its character, quirks and habits – that make it exactly the animal that you love. You need more than just an artist who can paint attractive portraits – they should also be able to observe the finest details of your horse.
You will mostly likely provide your artist with a photo of your horse. Be sure that photo has excellent lighting, a good and balanced angle, is clear and sharp, and large enough to provide the exact details that you want captured in the portrait. Remember that the photo is the tool that will bring out your artist’s creativity and imagination.

Missing Information

You may want to include some details in the portrait that are not in the sample photo. These other details may include a bridle on its mouth or a saddle on its back. Your artist should be able to easily add missing details such as these without ruining the integrity of the portrait.

Face-to-Face with Your Horse

Photos of your horse may provide your artist with all the details that will be captured by the portrait. But there is no substitute for an actual face-to-face meeting between your horse portrait artist and your horse. This allows your artist to have a glimpse of all the angles to your horse, as well as its idiosyncrasies. However if you would like a meeting between your artist and your horse to take place you must be prepared for an extra cost.

If all these steps are taken the finished portrait should represent your treasured pet down to even the small detail, so even after they are gone you can remember them for the beautiful animal that they were.

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