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Pinterest LogoIn a world where everything from the view out your window to your evening meal are photographed, documented and shared with your friends and acquaintances through social media, it’s not surprising that websites dedicated to sharing photos and ideas with the world are growing ever more popular.

Introducing: Pinterest.

If you love ‘things’, then you’re in for a treat.

According to Pinterest themselves, the goal of the website is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”. The website provides a virtual pinboard for users to discover, display and share items, ideas and inspirations that strike a chord with the user’s own personal tastes and interests. From food to clothes, events to gifts, words of inspiration to scenes of beauty, Pinterest allows its online community to create personalised pin boards based around themes or styles – and best of all it allows you to see those of others.

Initially starting out in 2010 as an invitation-only website, Pinterest opened itself up to all users in August 2012 by getting rid of the invite-only stipulation, allowing us Average-Joes to browse the seemingly limitless collections of ‘things’ and get inspired by the beautiful, the stylish, the romantic and the delicious.

Why Use Pinterest?

Unlike other Check out Pinterestsocial media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest allows users to connect with people all over the world through shared tastes and interests with no need for a personal connection or a devolution of personal images or information. You see something you like, you pin it to your board – it’s that simple. Much like Twitter you can follow people you find interesting, inspirational, have good taste or are simply good for a laugh, and it’s a great way to follow trends and see what’s ‘trending’ (i.e popular) in other areas of the country/world.

The ability to make theme-based boards makes it easy to collect and collate your ‘pins’ in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow. With categories listed on Pinterest ranging from architecture to weddings and everything in between, having separate pin boards for each category sure makes finding that chocolate truffle recipe you’d love to try or that Father’s Day gift you’ve had your eye on easier to find!

Pinterest is GREAT for those who like to be creative but just don’t have the time and those looking for everyday or event-specific inspiration. A simple search for “unique wedding present” brings up hundreds of cute and creative ideas to offer the bride and groom something a little different on their special day. Want your birthday party to be a hit? Just type in “party decorations” and your mind will be blown with the endless possibilities for fun and fantastical themes.

So whether you’re planning a party, looking to purchase a present or simply procrastinating at work, head to Pinterest to be inspired, informed or just plain amused.

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