Pre Planning for a Builder

Most people when embarking on a home renovation or other building construction usually take time to plan. It never hurts to be over-prepared, especially if you are considering renovations or building works which means you are going to have to deal with professional home renovators or commercial builders for the first time.  Here are three ways to be usefully over-prepared.

See a house they have renovated

Unlike large commercial constructions, home improvements are very personal. The final result has to be just right or so darn close that you are happy. At the same time, it often involves a single professional renovator with a few helpers or a small team of professionals. The workmanship is therefore closely tied to the skill and style of one or just a few builders.  If special tasks, such as bathroom renovation or extensive carpentry, are involved, the personal touch is all the more critical. It is therefore important to explain the requirements to the builder precisely and to consider the response and suggestions. But the only way to be certain of the builder’s workmanship is to see a sample of his work.

Verify the quality of material to be used

Some builders and home renovators may employ the cost-cutting trick of using cheaper material to make the bid more appealing. Cheap is not necessarily poorer quality, and your own budget may restrict you to a certain level. But, particularly if you are out to make a custom home, quality is usually much more important. A visit to a construction depot or hardware and material shop is a good way to get a feel of the quality and options available – and could make the difference between a good renovation and a superb one.

Check out the warranty and permits

There are local industry standards for warrants in most area.  Chances are that if your builder is offering a warranty, it is good to go providing they are fully licensed. But since a below standard warranty could cost more, so it is best to verify with the local builders association, council or concerned local authority.

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