How many social media accounts do you have for your business or brand?

And what’s the best fit?

Most brands choose to focus their attention on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Local.

But, no matter what social media account you focus on, your attention to detail will help you create a better first impression.

This is why it is important for businesses to take note of the image dimension requirements on each social media account.

In the last couple of months, we’ve been exposed to a number of changes and redesigns from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Local, Pinterest, and a couple of days ago, Twitter.

Here’s a quick brief on the redesigns and image changes:

Facebook – changed the image dimensions of the profile picture and created a cover photo option.

Google+ Local – updated cover photo dimensions, and allowed users to upload animated gif files

LinkedIn – complete redesign of the home and profile page, bigger images.

  • Standard logo – 100 x 60 pixels
  • Spotlight Banner – 640 x 220 pixels – located on products / services page of a company profile
  • Square logo – 50 x 50 pixels – used in network updates

Twitter – new profile page launched a couple of days ago, “Me” option on the Tabs bar will show a different page view. You have the option of creating a “Header” (similar to a cover photo), when you choose the “Edit Profile” option and choose “Design” to add a “Header”.

  • Header photo- 1252 x 626 pixels

Check out the infographic cheat sheet on image sizes, created by Luna Metrics:

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