The social media monster has entered the workplace and will continue to disrupt our precious work time.

Will it go away?

Going in between social media accounts is fine when you’re procrastinating or if “its part of my job”, but when you’re getting real work done, these social disruptions will slowly impact your productivity.


According to an infographic created by the Red e App team, who provide powerful mobile solutions, highlight on average workers are disrupted every 10.5 minutes, of the work day. And to further compound these unproductive activities, it takes around 23 minutes to get back to their daily tasks. Social media disruptions in the workplace are accounting for 28% of the work day.  In addition, most workplaces have 30 minutes to 1 hour lunch breaks.

With productivity and the threat of viruses or malware being an issue, just cutting off social media in the workplace is not a quick fix solution, especially when companies are more and more pressured to being more digitally connected. Better time management is needed.

Check out the infographic for a complete breakdown of how much time is being spent by workers going between Emails; Facebook posting and viewing updates; and tweeting on Twitter.

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