Start Enjoying Antiques and Collectables Today

Do you have a fascination with vintage films, clothing or style? Do you wish that you were born in a different era? Or do you simply wish to have well made, hardly furniture that also comes with a bit of history?
If you said yes to any of the above then you are probably someone who has a love for antiques. Antique collectables and jewellery can make your home as well as your wardrobe look truly striking and elegant. However it can often be hard to discern the real from the fake, or to find good quality antiques that won’t fall apart as soon as you get home. This is where a good and reliable antique dealer or retailer can come in hand. The best antique dealers specialize in a wide range of things. The four most popular antique categories include: furniture, jewellery, collectables and clothing.

Furniture such as tables, draws, wardrobes, sideboards, chairs and hat racks are some of the most popular types of antiques on the market today. Antique beds have also come back into vogue, with a large number of businesses specializing in the restoration of these items. All antique furniture, whether restored or in an original condition, should come with a certificate of authenticity, if they do not it is best to either avoid or to hire a specialist to come and check out your potential purchase.

Behind furniture, one of the most popular categories of antiques is jewellery. Wearing antique jewellery can be an incredibly humbling experience, knowing that you are wearing something that was once someone else’s cherished possession or marked a milestone in their life such as marriage. There is a wide range of antique jewellery out there, ranging from rings with all types of stones like ruby, emerald, diamond, sapphire and opal; to other jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces, chains, pendants, earrings, watches and cuff links. These pieces often come from many eras ranging from the Georgian, to the Victorian and Edwardian, up until the 1980s even. Artist movements of the twentieth century such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco have also produced many beautiful pieces of jewellery that are available in most antique stores.

Collectable items such as jewellry cases, perfume bottles, card cases, vestals, cigarette cases and lighters, to name but a few are also popular gifts to give loved ones. When it comes to purchasing an anniversary or birthday gift most staff have an extensive knowledge of their antique and will be able to guide you toward buying the right gift.

The popularity of vintage clothing has also increased in recent years, with many stores specialising specifically in buying, repairing, maintaining and selling clothing from a range of decades, most commonly the 50s, 60s and 70s. If you love vintage clothing but cannot always afford the price of the real thing, many vintage clothing stores also sell retro inspired reproduction clothing for a fraction of the cost. So you can look like your favourite era without having the pay the hefty price tag!

There really is a wide range of antiques out there to suit a wide array of tastes. So what are you doing? Go to your nearest antique store today and find something that can continue to the loved for many years to come!

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