Why specialty Cakes are Always Better than Supermarket Cakes

Cakes are a way of celebrating many important and memorable events.  Every prominent occasion seems to have a cake attached to it.  Cakes are often the grand finale of many events and as a result, are always very much anticipated.

Weddings are amongst the biggest occasions and often involve the biggest cakes.  Wedding cakes can come in several flavors to accommodate the versatile demand of guests as well as the bride.  Typically, the bride will decide what kind of cake she wants and the cake decorator designs the cake according to the bride’s direction.  Wedding cakes are large and time consuming, but they add so much to the wedding and often play into the wedding theme.

The best place to go to get cakes for a special occasion is a cake shop or a cake store.  Cake shops and stores specialize in custom-made cakes and can prepare whatever the customer is looking for in a cake or design.  Specialized made to order cakes are typically more costly but are worth the price.  There is no limit to what a cake maker can design.  They will make the special event a hit with their handmade cakes.

Anniversary and engagement cakes are made to look more delicate and fancy.  Baby Christening cakes are also more delicate in appearance, as opposed to a naughty or novalty cakes which are often featured at adult birthday parties

Many birthday celebrations often involve highly decorated and colourful cakes with lots of extra toppings such as chocolate and lollies. Often a child who is having the birthday party will pick out the kind of cake they want. This can be particularly exciting, as they get to see their favourite car, character, or animal be made into a yummy cake.  For children’s parties that have many guests, many cake shops also offer cup cakes and mini cakes that make serving and clean up a breeze.

When you go looking for custom made cakes you must remember that cake shops are different from patisseries.  A patisserie specializes in baked goods as opposed to a cake shop that specialises in cakes. Often cake shops will also offer cake-decorating classes.  Both are very great businesses that offer novelty baked goods.

So next time you are planning a party don’t just buy a $10 run-of-the-mill cake from Coles or Woolies, seek out a local cake maker or cake shop and get the dream cake you’ve always wanted!

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