Who’s watching Who? Private Investigators and You.

I saw dark shadows in the bushes and felt a burning gaze on the back of my neck. I stopped. Was I being watched? Surely it was just my imagination? I quickened my pace and fumbled for my keys. As I approached my car I thought I heard the click of a shutter. One, two, three.  Now I really was paranoid. It must have just been the wind…

Sometimes we watch other’s backs and sometimes people are hired to watch ours.

Our world has become a joined network, and unfortunately reports about dual marriages and fake identities have become an everyday occurrence. With this type of cultural and social change, seeking the help of a private investigator has become increasingly essential. Trusting the people that you meet has become more difficult as people now take less responsibility in social settings, and he internet or mobile phone access has made communication with others easier. Nowadays, safety is also a necessity, so if people feel threatened they will often hire the expertise of an investigative service.

Although it is a rather sad thing to say, some people, regardless of the age, will at a point in their lives hire a private investigator to catch a cheating partner or spouse. As many may know from watching popular television series such as ‘Cheaters’, suspicion of betrayal or unfaithfulness is one of the most popular reasons for employing the services of a private investigator. Investigators will also take on a variety of other ‘family issues’ such as gambling addictions, teenage drug problems, child abuse, and nanny surveillance. Private investigators are often also hired in divorce cases in which high stakes issues such as child custody, alimony or property disputes are at hand.
If hired private investigators can also work side by side with the police and other government officials in missing persons cases to help find a person or finally bring their case to a close. They may also be used to find long lost family, friends or other connections

Business owners may also seek the help of private investigators as well to find information on their would-be workers. These are often called pre-employment checks and are done to ensure a company’s safety, as well as that of their other employees. There are even cases that background checking is extremely vital, and private detectives can discover things that an average person won’t be able to accomplish. Databases are on hand to an investigator that an average individual would typically ignore to take a look at or don’t have permission to view. PIs will often be consulted if business owners suspect that some sort of commercial theft is being undertaken by their employees or if workplace sexual harassment is suspected.

Hidden asset searches, domestic circumstances, insurance scam, and court cases are very good reasons to hire a private investigator. Insurance companies lose millions of dollars every year due to falsified claims, and an individual’s independence depends on a defense that’s well organized. Private investigators carry out surveillance and collect information, and there are a number of things that they are authorized to do. Moreover, the laws related to what they can perform also differ from every country or state.


So next time you feel some eyes on your back remember that they might just belong to a private investigator.




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