Different Types of Tuition Services

Is your child struggling in a subject at school and getting poor grades? Although your child might be doing everything in their own power to succeed, sometimes they may just need a bit of extra help to grapple with that tough mathematical concept, or to help write that English essay. When this occurs you have a few options available to you. You might advise them or arrange for them to go to their friend’s home for a study night. This however could pose problems as friends will not always be there to assist your son or daughter, or may simply be too busy with their own work. This is where the help of a tutoring service comes in handy.

There are many different types of tuition services and choosing which one to proceed with is dependent on several factors. This article will outline all the different types of services offered so that you can choose one that will best suit you and your child:

Freelance Tutors

These tutors are often inexpensive and will come into your own home and work with your child. Most often you will find these tutors advertising their services in the internet or in newspaper classifieds, as well as on noticeboards. Many of these tutors are university students or other young people who hire themselves out to make some extra money. Although many of these tutors are often delightful and friendly, you cannot always be assured of the quality of learning that they will provide. If you still would like to employ one of these freelance tutors, make sure that they present you with a full resume of education and experience, as well as a list of past clients that you can contact to find out about their tutoring abilities. The best advantage to getting a tutor to come to your home is that it will save your child any potential embarrassment and they can be taught in an environment that she familiar and comfortable for them.

One-on-one Tuition at Tuition Centres

These types of tutors are the most common. They are qualified individuals who are employed and trained by a tutoring company. These companies usually have one or more tuition centres where you can send your children after school. This type of tutoring service not only takes the stress out of finding after school care, but they are also safe and reliable places for your child which encourages their academic potential. Private tutors at these centres, as with ones that come to your home, commit their time to teaching one student at a time, catering their services to meet your child’s specific needs.

Group Tutoring Services

A less expensive option at a tutoring centre is a group session. In this session they take a group of students and place them in a small class environment, however with more personalised attention than would be provided in their school environment. This not only gives children a chance to make new friends, but different learning activities can be arranged that involve and engage the whole group.

Online Tuition

If personalised or group tuition seems too costly then no need to worry, there is a third option available: online tuition. This other system of teaching is usually conducted through interactive online lectures. This is a mixture of non-public tutoring and tuition centres as the site hires a tutor through the web and directs them to a student. This student may be undergoing primary studies or might require improvement in understanding a subject such as spelling, writing (in a number of cases), essay writing, with HSC projects, or straightforward coaching.  However be ware that this type of tuition involves more commitment on your child’s behalf than the others, and due to its nature (ie. on the internet) you need to make sure that your child does not get distracted.

So there you go. There are a variety of different tuition options available for a variety of budgets. So don’t delay. Let your child reach their full potential and achieve today!

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