dLook has just launched its latest site upgrade to reduce spam from unwanted overseas callers.

In our ongoing attempt to reduce fraud, spam and nuisance calls, dLook has added a fairly minor change to its profile pages.

Now, rather than publicly displaying phone numbers globally, dLook has masked part of the display and requires a click to view the full display.
dLook Security Update
This minor inconvenience for Australian users hopefully will prove a major hassle for the numerous spam calls currently targeting Australian business.

Impact on Australian Directory Search

We tried to introduce this change earlier in the month seamlessly, meaning absolutely no visual change to Australian search but this was seen as a negative by Google as only overseas browsers were blocked and therefore it appeared we were serving two versions of the same page.

So we’ve made it uniform worldwide.

For the hundreds of thousands of businesses listed on our directory we hope you see a reduction in spam calls.

For our local users we hope the additional click does not pose too much of an inconvenience.

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