Finding the right wedding photographer for You

Wedding Photographer

One of the most vital parts of your wedding day, besides the ceremony, celebrant and the ring, is in fact the photographer. You want to capture every moment of your wedding in detail so that you can remember it exactly how it was for years to come.

However finding a wedding photographer is often like finding a groom: there is someone for everyone, but that someone may be hard to find. Not all wedding photographers are the same, and the wedding photographer that captured your friend’s wedding may not necessarily be the right one to capture yours. Every bride differs in tastes and demands and it is important that you find a photographer who understands what you want from them and your vision. Do you want the traditional-style wedding snaps or something more indie? Do you want your quirkiness as a couple incorporated in the style of your wedding photos? Or do you want a particular style such as black and white photography? It is important to find a photographer whose style suits your vision.

The most important thing to do is to start searching straight away. There are many good photographers out there, and as we all know, good photographers are always in demand. You may find the photographer you want, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be available on the day of your wedding. Some photographer’s schedules fill up well over a year in advance, especially if the wedding is in spring, so getting in first is vital!

Once you’ve found a photographer it is extremely important to see multiple examples of their previous work. Examine the basics of photography – colour, clarity, scale, exposure and composition. Also focus on the photographer’s ability to capture the emotions of the day. The last thing you want is a photographer who just makes you pose for photographs and doesn’t capture those candid moments. If you have a knowledge of photography, ask what type of equipment they will be using and see if this meets your expectations.

Look up their prices and get a quote. Contrary to popular belief, price is often negotiable so give your haggling skills a work out! Make sure that you also understand if they have any additional costs, for example, are you expected to pay for their travel or meal expenses? The last thing you want is to be hit with an unexpected charge on your special day.

Make sure that the photographer is prompt and reliable. If possible look up previous reviews of their work and of their professionalism. It will be extremely frustrating and stressful if you cannot start the wedding ceremony on time because the photographer has failed to show up on at the agreed hour! The cameraman should be prepared to follow you all through your day, capturing every moment, from getting ready to the vows and even the reception. Make sure that you both understand the terms of their contract and the hours they are expected to work.

If you follow all these suggestion then your wedding photographs should turn out great. Above all however remember not to stress too much and enjoy your day!

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