A Weekend on the Water

Sydney Harbour, a facet of Port Jackson, is claimed to be one of the most picturesque in the world. So when you’ve got a weekend free, why not get to know it a little better?

Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour (Courtesy of photoeverywhere.co.uk)

If there’s anything that I’m particularly guilty of, it’s not taking advantage of living in Sydney.

I know it’s all there, but I never seem to find the time. That’s why I’ve made a pledge to spend a weekend on the water, exploring the best that Sydney Harbour has to offer – and here’s why you should too!

Island Hopper

The thing that draws me to the harbour is the idea of islands – little sanctuaries of land to be explored, protected and enjoyed. There are 3 islands you can’t go past visiting – Cockatoo Island, Goat Island and The Island.

Cockatoo IslandCockatoo Island is an incredible mash up of industry, history and Mother Nature. The once upon a time ship building island has been transformed into an all ages get away, with secret tunnels, lush camping grounds , abandoned workshops and modern art installations. Whether you go for a picnic or stay overnight, Cockatoo Island will give you the sense that you’re in wonderland, whether you’re four or forty.

Keeping on the animal theme, Goat Island is a more compact version of the impressive Cockatoo Island, but none the less exciting. Goat Island has a rich history, having served as a quarry, jail, boat shed and even a concert venue in recent years. Today the island is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, with daily tours available to give you a great insight into the times gone by (and engage the kids with local history).

Unlike Cockatoo and Goat Islands, The Island is a man-made creation, and a fantastic one at that. If you’ve ever thought of maybe buying a pontoon and styling it up like a European beach side club, complete with private cabanas, a fully stocked bar and a polished deck to soak up the sun … you’re too late.

The Island is one of the most luxurious and unique ways to enjoy the splendour of Sydney Harbour. Forget “harbour views” – enjoy dangling your legs in our fine harbour before retreating to your day bed, drink in hand, to listen to the hum and bustle of boats. The Island is open to the public during party season and available for event hire to turn even the driest corporate event into a raging good time.

So next time the sun is shining, don’t just admire the view – get out there and enjoy the endless bounty that Sydney Harbour has to offer.

If you’ve got more islands that are a must visit, let us know in the comments!

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