If I asked you what Sydney’s most iconic ad was, you may have to stop and think for a minute or two.

Because until someone mentions it, it may never have even crossed your mind that our city is actually home to a number of iconic advertising spaces.

Have you thought of one yet?

X Marks the Spot

Kings Cross Coke Sign
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Kings Cross is famous (on infamous) for a lot of things, and a premier advertising site is one of them.

The billboard, apparently the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, displaying the illustrious Coca Cola brand has been a staple on the scene for an impressive 38 years.

Situated on the corner of Williams St and Darlinghurst Rd, the neon billboard welcomes partygoers into the cross with a familiar face, the traditional red and white “Coca Cola” logo.

While the classic right hand panel has always featured the Coca Cola logo, the more modern, versatile left hand panel keeps up with Coca Cola’s advertising campaigns, including their wildly successful “Share a Coke with…”

Golden Oldies

The portion of the railway line passing under the Sydney CBD, termed “the city circle” by locals, is home to some of the oldest railway stations in Australia.

Museum, a State heritage listed station, has platforms decorated with classic billboard advertisements from iconic Australian brands such as Woolworths, Akubra and Mortein.

The olden style of the ads tie in perfectly with the vintage design of the station, producing advertising that cries nostalgia and gives a real sense of how far Australian companies have come in our short history.

Worthy of the Gods

More recent than the other icons featured above are the Glebe Island Grain Silos.

Most people would have no idea what these are by name, but check out the photo and if you’re a Sydney sider, you’re bound to know what I’m talking about!

These silos sat unnoticed until 2000, when an inspired mind came up with the idea to paint them as Grecian columns in preparation for the Sydney Olympics.

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And perched atop the pillars?

Another huge billboard, which not only boasts lots of space but also incredible exposure to around 1.3 million people per month.

Not too shabby, huh?

This impressive advertising space is up for grabs every once in a while, but the competition is fierce, with corporate giants Mercedes, AMP and MYER being recent clients.

Are there others that we’ve missed?

Iconic ads glaring us in the face throughout Sydney?

Let us know of other great ad spaces that dominate our skyline.

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