Skip Bins and Your Home

When humans were in the early stages of development, we wasted nothing. From a hunted animal, we used the meat, the fibre, even the bones and very little went to waste. How the times have changed! In this day and age, humans produce copious amounts of waste material, day in, day out. On average, just one person creates around 13kg of garbage in just one week – adding up to a mind blowing 676 kilos of waste per year.

If your household is a busy one, like most of ours are, sometimes the red council bins just won’t cut it. Particularly during party season, moving house, spring cleaning and renovating, garbage can pile up and leave your bins overflowing. Not only does this pose a health risk, it is also unsightly and considered littering if your garbage is not properly disposed of. The answer? A domestic skip bin.

Skip bins are large, open topped rectangular bins that can be loaded on and off trucks. They are a clever invention that many people only associate with large businesses or construction yards, not homes. However there is a vast range of skip bins out there, some utterly huge and others more moderate in size – perfect for cleaning out the house, garden or shed or a great alternative in remote areas without garbage collection. If you’re facing a problem dealing with your household waste, why not consider a domestic skip for your garbage disposal?

If you think houses create a lot of garbage, just consider offices and factories. Offices are a huge source of paper waste – from shoddy print jobs, to boxes, scrap paper and memos, some offices produce tonnes of paper waste each year. Depending on the type of commercial outlet, some places produce huge amounts of food waste, others scrap fabric, some wood cut offs, the list goes on!  From restaurants to schools, hospitals to nursing homes, businesses will always be one of the biggest producers of garbage.

Commercial outlets, institutions and industrial buildings all benefit from using skip bins as a waste disposal point. They save time, money and space and with bulk recycling skip bins on offer as well, you can sort your waste out and do your environmental bit all in one easy step. So whether it’s time to let go of the broken skis, rusting bikes and mouldy furniture in the shed or you need a safe and secure method of disposal for industrial waste, a skip bin is just what you’re looking for.

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