I’m not a sports fan. Or at least, I don’t think I am.

When I think about sport, my heart doesn’t skip a beat. I’m not bursting to talk to someone about the foul in last night’s game or how that English guy is the best thing to happen to the sport since that Italian guy.

But why is that? It could be an extension of my personal ineptitude for physical activity (read: totally uncoordinated) or maybe my passion has been spent on other things.

It doesn’t really bother me, not being a sports fan, unless of course the week is similar to the one Sydney has just experienced. While sport is usually just a section of the paper I doodle on, this week sport jumped off the pages and in to plain view.

Go the Swannies

Sydney Street ParadeAfter apparently winning some sort of important game, the Sydney swans returned to the city for a congratulatory parade.

Of course, I wouldn’t have known anything about it, but I happened to notice it out the office window (and since the road was closed, foot traffic was chaos at lunch time).

Sport reared its head again on Saturday, when a well known Italian took to the soccer field as part of Sydney FC. Another event that would have passed me by, had it not been mentioned in every second Facebook post.

Calling All Rev Heads

Bathurst 1000 Car Racing

And then there was Bathurst.

I knew that one was on the way; how could I not with the barrage of automotive related ads?

If there’s something I know less about than sport, it’s probably cars. As it was a family gathering, I did make an effort to enjoy it. I even learnt  something (although it was about aerodynamics and that was bound to appeal to someone interested in science).

But when it got to the 25th lap and no one had won yet, I made a break for it.

Sport isn’t a defining thing for me, but when it comes down to it, sport is a staple of life for a lot of people.

It’s the basis of friendly arguments, the activity used to fill up weekends and the wee hours of the morning and even the foundation of lifelong friendships.

Plus if you know a sports fan, you’ll know there’s nothing quite like the bond between athlete and spectator. The rhythm they share is almost circadian and the fervour, pride and adoration they embody are truly things to admire.

Maybe sport will weasel its way into my life one day, but until then I can only stand back in awe of the culture that subsists on it.

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