Storage Solutions for Business: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

The realities of owning your very own manufacturing business can be difficult. Your book-keeping can be in order, your business can be growing with orders flying in and out, however storage can be difficult. If you do not have a mind that is good a tetris-like problem solving then the storage of all of your goods can suffer, resulting in heavy shipping and receiving catastrophes. No one appreciates getting their orders mixed up and having to be charged several times for shipping costs. Far worse, you’ll have to swallow the additional shipping cost yourself. What’s the solution you ask?

I recently discovered a commercial storage solution: Automated storage and retrieval systems which allow for automated shelving and racking. These computer operated storage solutions not only make shipping out orders faster but also safer. Now those in my business can be smarter about our storage space and leave less gaps – both in space and in time. Instead of using your warehouse to resolve puzzles, putting the least utilized items in the top back, stacking things on top of each other, and hoping that in the near future you won’t have to access them, with new storage solutions you can have any of your items at the push of a button.

This kind of on site storage is not only ideal for corporations that deal with high volumes of of orders that need to be moved/stored and shipped, but also for other companies who are looking for self storage. This type of storage facility even allows for relocation as the whole system can be broken down and moved. Security features such as a lock system come with this system to guarantee that your storage facility is safe and protected. The system can be set up to run on a PC and you will be in a position to see your stock from your office and complete orders or ask for parts from the ease of your desk. Storage facilities such as these are definitely the future.

Whether or not you are a tiny, medium or large, businesses of all sizes can benefit from automated storage units. The price of setting up a storage facility like this quickly pays for itself as you reduce the cost it takes to hire an approved forklift worker as well as the man hours it takes to sort through aisles of racks and shelving. Whether you are after long term storage or temporary storage solutions, automated storage units will save you some time and money in the long term.

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