Tutoring and Your Child

There are numerous parents out there who are not quite sure how an English Tutor or a Maths tutor can help in boosting a child’s learning capacity. However what these parents fail to consider, or may not even know about, is that there are many, many ways that a tutor can help a children’s learning capacity; after all they are basically a teacher who caters the lessons solely to your child’s needs.

Research has shown that when a child has the help of a tutoring service he/she will achieve all of the learning outcomes designated by the course, often within a mere few months instead of the year or so that it might take without tuition. This is not only because a tutor sits there with your child and caters to their particular learning needs, but also because tutoring boosts the confidence of your child therefore making them more willing and able to achieve their full potential.

A tutor not only helps your child with their homework such as Spelling, Reading, writing, Comprehension History, and Math homework, but they will also devise study schedules for them  in preparation for big exams such as the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate. This not only keeps them on track but makes sure that they know everything they have to when entering the examination room.

Tutors are also available for university students and this is a place where they are particularly helpful. University is often an independent learning environment which means that some students who need extra attention will not get it during lectures or lessons. Tutoring at university is especially helpful if one is doing a language course, as the contact hours are often not enough time to practice your French or Mandarin for example. Tutoring plays a very important part in student’s life as these tutors take care if their studies completely by teaching, mentoring, helping and most importantly encouraging.

However, most parents today hire a tutor for primary or high school children to ensure that their learning and knowledge foundations are solid. As mentioned previously, for many competitive exams such as the NAPLAN parents also employ tutors to help with preparation or for help with completing HSC Projects. These tutors are also professionals in providing services and  learning strategies to help your child get into a Selective School placement.

Where is the best place to find these tutors though? Although some tutors may advertise in internet or newspaper classifieds, as well as on noticeboards, you cannot always be assured of the quality of learning that these tutors will provide. If you want to go with one of these though, make sure that they present you with a full resume of experience and past clients that you can contact to find out about their abilities. If you do not want to have to go to all this trouble the best place to find a tutor is through a tutoring company. These companies screen potential tutor applicants and hire only the best to make sure your child gets the best. These tutors also do training courses and are kept up to date with school curriculums.

The reason for not hiring a tutor cited most often by parents is that it is too expensive. Whilst tutoring does cost money, consider the tuition fees a long term investment in your child’s future. At a subconscious level your child will benefit greatly for confidence he/she gains after achieving great results. This will no doubt be of benefit in later life when they get into that university course they always wanted or achieve that career that they always dreamed of.

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