Understanding OBGYNs and your Pregnancy

So you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant? Congratulations!

Once the initial excitement of discovering this wonderful news wears off there are many tasks that must be taken care of – friends and family to be informed, maternity leave to be arranged, a baby’s room to be decorated, to name but a few. However, the first and most important thing that you should do when you find out that you are expecting is to make an appointment with your gynaecologist or obstetrician.

Making your first appointment with an obstetrician or gynecologist could be a frightening prospect for all first time mothers. Most of us either don’t know what to expect or are a little twitchy at having someone getting so up close and personal with our nether regions. Although an intimidating prospect, visiting an OBGYN is crucial for your pregnancy care. Whether you have selected to have a home birth, a natural birth or a caesarean section in a public or private hospital, your obstetrician or gynecologist will be there to comfort and guide you through your pregnancy and answer all the questions you may have about your pregnancy.

Most modern practitioners of obstetrics are also qualified in gynecology and are shortened to the title OBGYN, so you can put all of your trust and trust in the one medical specialist to take care of you and your baby. However it is important to understand the difference between these two professions of female health and how these difference can impact you.

Although now frequently combined into one profession, obstetricians and gynecologists specialize in various stages of pregnancy and child birth, and general female reproductive health. Gynecological studies focus on the complete female reproductive system and are therefore required in the monitoring of female sexual as well as reproductive health. However they also become vital in the beginning stages of pregnancy to observe the health of the mother’s interior organs.

The crossover from gynecology to obstetrics technically occurs about half way through the pregnancy as the fetus develops and more focus is placed on the health of the baby. Obstetricians look after mother and baby’s health all though it’s development, through childbirth and even post natal care. They are the professionals when it comes to talking about delivery options and possible complications.

Having a professional by your side to help through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy is a welcome comfort, and OBGYNs are there to respond to any and all of your questions, from early morning nausea to baby kicks. Each and every single pregnancy is different, so whether you are carrying your first baby or your fifth, you are sure to have questions and concerns. Pregnancy is a wonderful and natural thing, so take the anxiety away by speaking to your OBGYN.

Above all however, find an OBGYN that you trust and whom you are comfortable with. That way you can sit back, relax and enjoy your pregnancy and your impending bundle of joy, knowing that all of your own and your baby’s health needs are being taken care of.

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