I have never liked running … actually, let me explain.

As a child I grew up doing Little Athletics and cross-country club. When I wrote the above statement I was referring to jogging – running’s poor little brother. Maybe put it down to my competitive spirit (I’m the third of four children…) or the fact that I’m always late, but I have never been able to understand the joy of just going for a jog.

Sure, I run on the odd occasion when I’m about to miss my train or someone yells “50% off Cadbury” in the supermarket, but casually running with no final goal or purpose has never been a driving factor to get me off the couch.

Which brings me to my new-found love – cycling.

Hate Jogging – But Love Cycling

Whether jogging is your thing or you are more inclined to hop on a bike, the walking paths and bike ways of Melbourne are a great place to spend your afternoon/evening/weekend.

Merri Creek TrailIt was only a couple of weeks ago that I found myself following the Merri Creek trail from Westgarth in the city’s north right along the Yarra River and into the city, passing through farmland (I kid you not) and some of the best real estate on the Yarra.

The path takes you close to two beautiful boathouses, right past Abbotsford Convent, through the Collingwood Children’s farm and right into the city along a 30km loop that will highlight Melbourne’s sights to see.

Whether you’re an avid bicyclist or a complete amateur like me, the sealed, car-free bike path of the Capital City Trail means you’ll never have to dodge the tram tracks or look out for hook turns – it’s smooth sailing the whole way.

If the 30km loop seems a bit much for your first try, then there are heaps of options to keep you entertained while still making sure you can use those leg muscles tomorrow.

Whether starting in the city or embarking from the north, the Capital City Trail passes by the Botanic Gardens, Federation Square, Melbourne Zoo and Docklands – some of Melbourne’s top tourist must-sees and local favourites, so no matter which way you go you’re sure to find a treat.

Melbourne Bike Share

Melbourne Bike Share
If you are just vising then a great way to explore the city is by hitting up one of the 50 Bike Share locations around the city.

Low cost and available for as little as one hour, Melbourne Bike Share allows you to pick up a bike anywhere in the city and drop it off at any other – perfect for when your legs finally give in and that tram home starts looking mighty tempting.

Given Victoria’s helmet laws, however, be warned that a helmet must also be purchased in order to comply with local regulations, and these can be picked up from a range of 7-Eleven and IGAs around the city for a measly $5.

Another word of warning: although stopping at Abbotsford Convent or Federation Square for a beer (or 4) might sound the best idea you’ve had all spring, drink driving applies to cyclists as well so be smart and keep in mind the safety of yourselves and others.

No one wants to end up in the Yarra!

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