New Year, New You?

New Year ResolutionsAs much as we buy into New Year’s resolutions, research shows that we just aren’t committed enough.

When you hear how resolutions came to be, maybe you’ll understand why.

I’ll be good this year, I promise

I’m going to lose weight and really whip myself back into shape.

We will try new outdoor activities.

I will pay off my loan instead of going on holidays.

Whether entirely optimistic or totally achievable in our minds, we usually spend the days preceding and following on from that NYE hangover deciding on our resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions have never gone out of style, but why? Is it the hope that a new year really is a chance to change?

That the good and bad of the previous year has been left behind? Or maybe it’s just the last whispers of the party season telling us that life can always be this great.

Day One: Doing Great

So we’ve made a New Year’s resolution. It’s a really good one this year. Absolutely doable. 52% of us are confident that we will stick it out until Dec 31st, 2013. Sadly, only 12% of us are right.

New Years ResolutionSo why do so many of us give up?

The number one reason is being too ambitious (i.e. give up chocolate), closely followed by number two, ambiguity. “I’ll lose weight” is a whole different ballpark from “I’ll lose at least 5kg a month”.

Another downfall is making too many resolutions – are you really going to be able to learn French, cycle Sydney to Melbourne and do volunteer work?

How about trying something different this year?

Whether it’s a brand spanking new resolution or just a new approach to an old problem, make 2013 the year of fresh ideas.

Look Back to Look Forward

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions evolved from Romans and Babylonians making moral promises to do no wrong, through to Puritans advising their children to reflect on their actions and the year to come.

If breaking my New Year’s resolutions put me at the wrath of my god or my Puritan parents, I think I would try harder to keep them too.

So you can see how we’ve slipped over the centuries, but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Attach some real consequences to failing your goal – tell your family and friends you’re going to lose weight, get a full medical if you want to quit smoking, buy a $300 annual gym membership.

Tell us your New Year’s resolution for 2013 and how you plan to keep it.

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