I sat down to have a chat with Melbourne schoolboys, Orange. about their debut EP, the ups of their past year and whatever else in between.

Snatching up opportunities to jam at the likes of The Espy and The Hi-Fi in Melbourne, 2012 saw a huge year for the boys.

Releasing their debut EP, Foreign Future only recently, February has already seen a huge month for the boys, playing their EP release show, and in the process, selling out of their pre-sale tickets in just days.

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Orange Insights

by dLook Music Correspondent | Caitlin Medcalf

Caitlin: If you could describe Orange. in 5 words, what would they be?
Orange.: Fun, danceable, interesting, enthusiastic and new.

Caitlin: How did you guys come to the ideas that we see on your EP? How was the writing process for you guys?
Orange.: Well that is kind of my area (Edvard) and as it’s our debut, I have kind of been collecting these songs for a while, so some are 18 months old and some came together right while we were recording them. So the writing process has been really good, as we wrote them and then could refine them through the live shows. This EP would really be a summary of things that I thought might make a song from the last year or so of my life.

Caitlin: That’s so great, so you’ve been working on these for quite some time together. How long have you been together as a band, and what made you all come together?
Orange.: (Edvard) Well, Gilbert and I met late 2011 in music class, and we started playing together and needed a drummer, so along came Jack. It was basically like School of Rock. Except no teachers were involved. So really, it wasn’t.

Caitlin: How was the recording process for you? Did you find it easy to mesh all of the elements you wanted to into the tracks?
Orange.: (Edvard) When we make songs, I kind of bring the skeleton of the song to the boys, and then we each get to give it our own touch. I think that’s what gives us our unique sound. We also really enjoyed recording because we could take time to get the sound we wanted. But it was also kind of frustrating because essentially we have recorded this EP three times, and each time we did it, we developed our sound further and now I think collectively we’ve found our sound.

Caitlin: Coming to the performance side of things, I know you’ve done some pretty spectacular things over the past year and a bit. What would you say are some highlights from your live shows?
Orange.: Most fresh in the mind would be back in October when we filled the Gershwin Room (main room) at The Espy. We had a curtain in front of us at the beginning, and when it opened, the crowd, the lights, the rush; it was all just so surreal. Seeing that many people there when the curtain opened was a big shock!

Caitlin: I can imagine, you guys must have been stoked with the turn out too! How are you finding playing your new material live?
Orange.: Again, it was very nerve racking. Not just because it was new, but because we were using some pretty foreign elements like all those electronic sounds you hear on the EP, so there was a pretty difficult technical element also. But I think ultimately, it just builds the live show to be something bigger and different.

Caitlin: What influenced you to play around with those new sounds we hear on the EP?
Orange.: I think we decided to really push the three piece as far as it would go (depth wise), and take our music somewhere new, yet be something still able to be danced to. Also we really look up to bands like Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats who’s Single EP’s we were pretty in to early last year.

Caitlin: Alright, and to wrap this up, if you could tour with any 5 bands in the world, who would they be?
Orange.: Of course Two Door, The Wombats, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Vampire Weekend and we hope that this might actually some way be able to happen with The Jungle Giants, because we think we’d compliment each other really well.

You can purchase the EP Foreign Future here: Orange. Bandcamp

Catch up with some of the boys past endeavors on their YouTube account

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