Keeping fit is a new year’s resolution that often falls by the wayside, but when you open your mind to Sydney’s great fitness potential, you might just find success.

The Urban Jungle

Sydney park, outdoor space Sydney

While Sydney is absolutely littered with low cost, 24 hour, state of the art equipment bearing gyms, unfortunately I’m just not interested.

What I do have a passion for is the outdoors and luckily for me, Sydney has a surprising amount of green spaces to exercise in.

Take Sydney Park, with 110 acres to explore at your leisure, winding paths with challenging hills and spectacular city views, perfect for a morning yoga session.

Other areas which offer a great natural setting for your workout include the Centennial Parklands, Prince Alfred Park and the Glebe Foreshore Parks.

Dive In

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If running or personal training just isn’t your thing, the city offers a huge variety of water sports to keep you fit and put some fun back into your workout.

As a beach side city, Sydney has plenty of waves for everyone to enjoy, with surfing and body boarding popular sports amongst young and old.

A great alternative, especially for those further west, is your local pool – most of which have affordable entry, a constant temperature year round and aquarobics classes.

There’s No “I” in Team

adult basketball team sydney

Playing a team sport is a great way to keep yourself motivated, as well as make new buddies and even build on interpersonal skills.

It’s not just for guys either – women’s teams are common and mixed teams are becoming more and more popular, especially in sports such as touch football and volleyball.

Amateur adult’s sports teams are incredibly common in Sydney, with most suburbs offering soccer, football and basketball at the very least.

Whether you play to win or just for fun, team sports are the way to go for social butterflies.

For great resources on keeping fit, check out the Australian government Health Insite website.

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