As a student who has only been living out of home for 3 years, having a house means being a tenant and being a home owner will not be on the cards for years to come.

The Tenant’s Downfall

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As I stroll through IKEA I woefully bypass anything that requires screwing something into a wall.

I gaze longingly at the perfect vanity, thinking about the outdated, crowded one in my current bathroom.

The colourful throw cushions under my arm will have to do, because like 53% of people in Sydney, I’m renting.


Strapped For Cash

Living life on a student budget, I don’t have the $30, 000 it would cost to put a deposit on my current 2 bedroom Inner West rental.

But as it turns out a lot of others, who graduated years ago, don’t have the money to secure a property either.

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The average value of a first home buyer’s house is around $400, 000 – and that’s a modest 2 bedroom home 45 minutes from the city centre.

Inner city suburbs are a different story, with many 30 something year olds struggling to scrape together the cash to
buy a property.

The Property Buyer’s Bible

For many, a mortgage is the only way they’ll ever own a home, so it makes sense to investigate your options early and get someone who knows the lingo to explain everything to you in laymen terms.

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It’s also important to remember that the “FOR SALE” price isn’t all you need to pay – you’ll also have to fork out for building and pest inspections, stamp duty and other miscellaneous costs.

Once your finances are sorted, make a checklist of what you want and what you need in a property, from access to transport through to school catchment areas and nearby dog parks.

For now I’m content to rent, but when the time comes I wonder what the compromise will be for a house that I love and can afford.

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