You’ve just finished the most stressful thing life has thrown at you to date – the HSC – and now you found yourself stressing out yet again, this time by the prospect of university. But never fear, in the world of university there are a lot more things to relish than to detest.

Hours of Power

School has been a hard slog – 9 to 3, 5 days a week for the past 13 years. But all that is about to change.afternoon sun laying grass

Of course, that depends on what faculty you plan to call home.

If you fall into arts, then rejoice! You can kiss long days goodbye and say hello to relaxing afternoons in the sunshine and much needed sleep ins.

If you’ve dedicated your tertiary education to science, you may not be so lucky, especially in the early years.

But have faith, eventually you too will be able to enjoy leisurely lunches, long weekends and many a social gathering.

The first years of your degree can see you spending anywhere from 12 to 30 hours a week at uni, but as you make your way into your senior years, those hours tend to drop off, leaving you time to chill out (or stress out, depending on what kind of student you are).

Study Goody Bag

library university sydneyOne of the best things about being a university student in Sydney and just generally in Australia is the fact that we have a ridiculous amount of resources at our disposal.

And when I say resources, I don’t just mean vast libraries full of books ranging from ancient texts to latest editions, I mean technology, equipment and leading industry professionals.

In every corner of Sydney, there’s a university that’s full to the brim with the latest, greatest stuff for students, making study not just efficient, but even almost fun.

While I sometimes find myself cursing the slower computers in the library or the dodgy wi-fi connection in the lecture theatre, I realise just how far universities have advanced in the last 30 years and I’m grateful that I’m part of a generation with knowledge at my fingertips.

Added Extras

When I think back over my last few years at university, I don’t remember equations or diagrams, I can’t recall the lecturer’s face and I’m not too sure what subjects I’ve actually done, but what I do remember was everything extra-curricular.

Sure, we go to university to learn, but we also go to make life long friends, eat good food, play trivia, develop a taste for coffee, beer and indie music and get involved in causes that mean something to sydney bar manning

Plus, whether on the edges of the city or right in the heart, Sydney universities are thriving microcosmos home to an eclectic mix of individuals like nowhere else.

University culture, especially in Sydney, is something that you can’t underestimate or under value – it’s what draws a lot of people in and gets many through their degree.

With such a lot to offer, university doesn’t sound quite so bad any more, does it?

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