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What Ahrefs says:

“Ahrefs.com is an independent tool for SEO analysis with wide range of features. It is designed first of all for SEO specialists and site owners, but may be of interest to other concerned internet researchers.”

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

Finding new ways to spy on your other online competitors has always been a fond pastime of web developers and Marketing teams. With the closure of Yahoo Site Explorer in 2011 it became increasingly difficult to view and analyse your competitor’s backlink profile, as well as your own.

However not long after the closure of  Yahoo Site Explorer Ahrefs was launched, allowing paying and non paying customers to access an analysis of incoming traffic to a particular website.

Ahrefs boasts the “largest index of live links” and is updated every 15 minutes. The site is well set out and backlink profiles are easy to understand, even for this Funky Monkey who is still learning the many ropes of SEO. On Ahrefs you can find a Site Explorer, Keywords Analysis, Backlinks Report, Domain Comparison, Batch Analysis, and Competition Analysis tools.

You can also access lists of errors like ‘http’ timeouts, organic keywords and even social media data.


So if you want to access a wide array of data that is broken down in pretty  much every way imaginable and (their visual breakdowns are particularly handy) clearly presented check out Ahrefs today.

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