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“Flightradar24 is a flight tracking service that provides you with real-time info about thousands of aircraft around the world.”

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Funky Monkey

Terrorists’ dream or an interesting view into worldwide aviation? Whilst the members of the dLook office were a little torn between these two choices, there’s no doubt that FlightRadar24 is definitely one of the most interesting websites we’ve come across in a long time. We all know that there are hundreds of flights that take off every few hours across the world, but seeing all these flights on your screen at the one time definitely opens yours eyes to the modern world of aviation travel!

This website, and the app which is available for smartphones, allows you to track the specific flight plan that a loved one might be on. No longer do you have to ask “I wonder where they are?” and work out approximate locations according to flight time, now you can find out exactly what part of the world they are flying over. The app also allows you to click on any of the yellow and orange plane avatars ¬†to find out the flight number, destination, cruising altitude and average speed of that specific flight. ¬†Coolest of all, on some flights you can even put yourself in the cockpit thanks to google maps, and see what the plane would be seeing at that specific moment.

When viewing the masses of flights around the world it’s hard to believe that you are only seeing 60% of the passenger aircraft currently in the air. The website tracks each aircraft using their ADS-B (of which only 60% of passenger planes currently have). The website also displays data from the FAA which governs aviation travel in the USA and Canada.


So if you want to know where the flight of a loved one currently is, are an aviation enthusiasts or would just like to procrastinate by clicking on random aircraft currently in the air around the world go and check out FlightRadar24 today!

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