Google Inside SearchEver wondered how Google works?

Having spoken to hundreds of people about Google search and how it works I am constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge about something that is literally endemic in our modern lives.

Performing an Internet search has become known as “Googling it”, yet few understand anything about how this actually works.

Happily, this article does not require significant length, as Google has actually released plenty of material to explain this in much more detail.

Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, put together this video to better explain how Google actually cache the trillions of pages that make up the Internet.

Terms like spiders, bots, crawling and indexing all can be easily understood watching this short 3 minute video.  Highly recommended to anyone interested in how Google works.

If you are planning or developing your web strategy then you can’t leave out Google … understanding how it works, what makes a good site and how to increase your chances of being ranked within the major search engines like Google is critical to you being found online.

A great reference source is Google’s Inside Search where they define in much greater detail how it works, define some of the jargon and provide some tips and hints on creating good web content.


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