Sydney is known for its spectacular scenery – so much so, that it features in a long list of Hollywood A list movies. This article will have you hiring a few movies this weekend to see if you can see your place in the background…

Here Comes the Action

the matrix red dress film location sydney martin placeAn action movie is nothing without high speed car chases, shoot outs in stairwells and a swan dive or two off a skyscraper.

Luckily the Sydney CBD has all this to offer and more…

One of the most famous and popular action/sci-fi cross overs, The Matrix Trilogy (of course), was filmed right here in Sydney, with the famous line “Were you listening to me, or were you looking for the woman in the red dress?” shot in bustling Martin Place.

The Matrix also features scenes shot in Moore Park, Chippendale, Redfern and the White Bay Power Station.

Mission Impossible: II is another action packed movie featuring locations throughout Sydney, from The Rocks through to the Sydney Observatory.

And if you’re a superhero enthusiast, Superman Returns features shots from Hyde Park, Elizabeth Street and Rivendell Hospital.

Comedy Central

priscilla queen of the dessert LBGT

As a movie about the LBGT community, what better place for The Adventures of Priscilla: The Queen of the Desert to start off than The Imperial Hotel on the borders of one of Sydney’s LBGT hubs, Newtown.

One of Australia’s greatest comedy classics also has many memorable scenes filmed in Sydney – that’s Muriel’s Wedding and St Mark’s in Darling Point.

Another Australian classic film, Puberty Blues, was recently revived as a popular TV series, filmed in and around Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.

 Drama, Drama, Drama

the great gatsby leonardo di caprio sydney filmingWhether it’s a dark, powerful film about loss (Lantana) or love and life (Moulin Rouge), Sydney has also played its part as the perfect backdrop for drama.

Of the course the epic Australia was filmed here, but Baz pulled a sneaky director’s trick, using Strickland House near Neilsen Park as the Government colonial mansion, supposedly in Darwin.

The highly anticipated (at least on my part) remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, rich with 1920’s glitz and glamour, was totally shot in Sydney, with locations including Rozelle, St Patrick’s College in Manly, Centennial Park and Glebe Island.

If you know of another movie shot close to home, let us know in the comments.

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