If you’ve never thought of yourself as a green thumb, maybe it’s time you gave yourself another chance – you might be surprised at what you can grow, even on a cramped apartment balcony.

“I can never get things to grow”

Everyone’s first excuse for not having a blooming garden is that it’s just too hard to get everything going. community garden patch veggies fresh food sydney

But really, it’s not rocket science!

If you plan to start a veggie garden from seed, all you need to do is follow packet instructions, paying close attention to important information such as sewing depth and season to sew.

If you’ve found in the past that your seeds haven’t emerged, why not get off to a good start using either seedlings or mature plants?

That way the hardest part and all the anxious waiting has been done for you – now you’ve just got to make sure you give your developing garden some TLC.

“I’ve got no space”

balcony garden planter boxLuckily for you, plant breeders and potters alike have realised that even people in metropolitan Sydney might enjoy growing their own veg.

Whether in your local garden shop or online, you’ll find plenty of alternatives for the space conscious, from cherry tomatoes to miniature watermelons!

You can also get your hands on a huge range of space saving pots and garden beds, from balcony hugging designs through to compact compost bins.

Plus, if you’ve really got no space at all, you can always look into planting a row or two in your local community garden.

“I just don’t have the time!”

It might seem like a veggie garden requires a lot of time and attention, but technology saves the day once again, turning what was once a back breaking activity into an almost non existent job.herb garden window apartment plants veg

If you’re someone who is likely to forget to water your patch every day, or you’re often away on business, a self watering garden bed is a simple solution to keep your garden going strong without your constant attention.

Aside from watering, a veggie patch doesn’t need too much else! A spray now and then with natural insecticides to keep pesky bugs away and a sprinkling of plant food every few months will see you with a great crop of veggies year round.

So no more excuses, it’s time to become your own fresh food farmer in the heart of the city.

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