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“At Pandora, we have a single mission: To play only music you’ll love.”

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

Pandora, like Spotify, is one of those rare music applications that has managed to break through the already flooded market and offer something new, and if this dLook funky monkey must say, something pretty damn cool to customers.

Pandora is not just any old internet radio station. Pandora is a way to build a radio channel or online playlist that caters directly to your individual music tastes. But how?

Pandora uses an innovative application called the ‘Music Genome Project’ which started back in 2000.┬áThis project involves teams of music analysts who listen to music, old and new, one song at a time to study and collect information about the tracks – their melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics and much more. With this data music with similarities is identified.

When you use the website, you’ll be asked to first select a few of your favourite songs or artists. From there, Pandora will scan its entire world of analysed music covering almost a century of recordings and create for your own personalised playlists (or “radio stations”) of familiar artists and soon to be favourite songs.

Not only is a great way to create playlists which set particular moods, but what this funky monkey particularly likes about the Pandora application is the way it allows you to discover new music that you may never have ever known about otherwise.

Pandora Artist Selection

So if your music library needs a shake up, or you have a favourite artist with a style of music that you never thought you’d hear anywhere else, give Pandora a go and see how fast your music universe can expand!

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