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“ is used by 329,059 sewers to collaborate, share and discuss the projects they have been working on, or are planning to work on. The site catalogs sewers experiences and opinions in a structured way so that it is easy to locate information when you are working on a new project!”

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

As a dLook funky monkey who lists sewing as one of her hobbies, I have to say that no matter what level of sewing experience you have, from complete beginners to professionals, this website it a must for anyone who ever picks up a needle!

Unless you’ve been to design school and studied pattern making, at the very beginning most of us start out using sewing patterns – patterns that contain full scale cutting pieces of the parts of the garment you are trying to make. Not all patterns are created equally, and so not all patterns are good, or explained as well as they should be.

To avoid the pitfalls of buying a dud sewing pattern or of struggling with instructions that are just badly written, Sewing Pattern Review can be a lifesaver. All you have to do if look up the pattern you are considering buying or are currently using to make a garment. Here you can find reviews from other sewers who have previously used the pattern with pictures of the finished product. Here they can tell you whether they liked the pattern or not, what modifications they would suggest to be made to the pattern or explain complicated jargon in pattern instructions.

The website also has user discussion boards where sewers can interact with others who enjoy the hobby and ask for advise. Don’t know what a French Seam or a basting stitch is? Want to know the best way to hem chiffon? These are the message boards you can visit to get answers to these questions.

The website also features classifieds, online sewing classes, pattern catalogues and even sewing competitions!


So if you’re a sewer and you’re struggling with a sewing pattern, want to review your experience with a sewing pattern, or simply want to show off your creation, visit Sewing Pattern review and become a member today!

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