If you think a steak is just a steak. you’ve never bought from one of Sydney’s best butchers, and maybe it’s time you did.

The Price is Right

steak beef gourmet recipe meal cookingThe main reason that most of us don’t buy every sausage, steak and cutlet from a premium butcher is the price.

While supermarkets are all about everyday savings on key protein sources such as pork, beef and lamb, the quality of their meat products is often pretty moderate.

So if your boss is coming over for dinner, or it’s your first time cooking for the girl, quantity over quality isn’t an option.

If you’re smart about what you buy and how you cook it, meat from a boutique butcher will go a long way without burning a hole in your wallet.

We Run the (Chopping) Block

There is one name that absolutely dominates the gourmet meat scene in Sydney – Victor Churchill.

Opened in 1876 by James Churchill, the Woollahra based emporium has the cream of the crop of just about every cut of meat that exists.

The shop itself is a stunning architectural achievement and is home to some of the most knowledgeable butchers in existence Рdefinitely worth a visit at the least.victor churchill gourmet butcher sydney

If you’re all about an honest connection with your meat from paddock to plate, Hudson Meats with stores in Cammeray, Lane Cove and Mosman is one to check out.

With direct business relationships with producers and a passion for regional produce, Hudson Meats bring you gourmet meat without the middle man.

raw beef steak cut tenderWhile not a strict connoisseur of meat only, Salt Meats Cheese in Eveleigh is home to a huge array of high quality cured meats sourced from producers all over the world and (the best part), available at wholesale prices, direct to the public.

For those looking for a butcher supply not just better quality, but also healthier meats, Shane’s Gourmet Cuts may be exactly what you’re after.

Paying great attention to detail in their methods of production and processing, these butchers are proud to supply healthier, tastier cuts year round.

If you’ve got a butcher that deserves some recognition, let us know!

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