If you’re looking for a way to give to charity, whether it be for a new school in a third world country, support for people with depression or animal conservation research, here’s a collection of charity events for great causes all around Sydney.

Helping Those in Need

sleep out homeless charity event corporateThere are legions of homeless people, not out on the streets of New York or Mexico, but right here in Sydney.

With the latest bi-annual count of homelessness coming in at a staggering 737 people, helping to support those in need and raise awareness of this pressing issue has never been more important.

St Vincent de Paul are a leader in this area, running The Vinnies CEO Sleepout, which encourages business leaders to spend June 20th camped out on Sydney streets to raise funds and awareness for homelessness.

Lending the Environment a Helping Hand

wildlife wilderness societyWe wouldn’t be much without the environment we live in – whether it’s the clean water we have access to, the animal species that play key roles in our ecosystems or the forests which balance the atmospheric cycle of gases.

The Wilderness Society, in partnership with Everyday Hero, allows you to set up a fundraising webpage, which you can use in conjunction with your own event, whether it be a movie night, speed dating or cocktails, to protect Australia’s beautiful wilderness.

If you’re looking for a more up close and personal fundraising event, why not try Taronga Zoo’s Big Cat Dinner, including a private behind the scenes encounter with the big cats, followed by a decadent 3 course meal, all to raise money for Big Cat conservation.

Supporting the Sick and Finding Cures

biggest morning tea charity cancer fundraisingWith the number of diseases, both known and unknown, keep increasing, the resources for both care and research are stretched thin – but you can help.

Cancer is one of the biggest diseases both in Australian and overseas, so no wonder Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an absolute hit as a fundraising event.

For a great cause, get your girlfriends together for morning tea on 23rd of May to celebrate 20 years of this great charity event.

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