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“Imgur makes sharing images with the Internet simple. It can be used to share pictures with friends, as well as post images on message boards and blogs. You can manipulate the image a number of ways and automatically submit it to popular sites such as reddit or digg. You can also view popular user-submitted images in the gallery. Best of all, Imgur is completely free.”

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey

Do you like memes? Funny pictures of animals? Want to be the next viral superstar? Or maybe you just want to browse all the weird and wonderful photos that are posted on the internet by thousands of people around the world every day.

If you said yes to any of these then, like this dLooker, you will love Imgur (pronounced image-er). Imgur was created by a university undergraduate Alan Scaff in 2009 after he became frustrated with trying to upload images onto to site via other image hosts, and since then it has become one of the most popular image hosting sites on the web.

Imgur boasts a database of over a million users who generate a whopping 90 terabytes of images daily. However you don’t have to have an account to user Imgur. You can create your own account, comment and upload images that are then shared, or you can simply browse the newest or most popular images of the day. What makes Imgur different from most image servers is the ability to interact with other imgur users, you can comment, rate and follow other users.

Like most social media sites such as Reddit and Tumblr, overwhelmingly the images on Imgur are internet memes from popular culture, possibly contributing to the websites success. Even better, if you do decide to upload images you can choose to make them viewable to the public and remain anonymous (those uploading memes or images they want to go viral will pick this option), or if you just want to share images with friends or family you can’t also do this by choosing to make them private. Best of all, there is absolutely no limit to the amount of images that you can upload!

As a imgur user that doesn’t have an account, the appeal for this dLooker is simply the ability to scroll through the gallery of the most viewed images that day and have a good ol’ laugh at the absurdities that the internet (and the people behind it) manage to produce.

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So if you’re in need of an image hosting server, want to share your photos with friends and family or just need a good laugh, go and check out Imgur or download their smartphone app!


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