Create your Online Newspaper in Minutes

Visit says

“ is content curation service that enables you to become Editor-in-Chief of your own news site and publish topic based newspapers from content you find anywhere on the web.”

What Funky Monkey says

Funky Monkey lets you become the editor of your very own newspaper. It definitely is an interesting premise and one which is sure to take off. Do you want a newspaper dedicated to Women’s Issues around the world? How about classical archaeology? Or maybe just the Indie music scene in Sydney? allows you to customise your own newspaper as the website searches 250 million social media posts and 25 million online articles per day and pulls up those which match your newspaper’s designated interests. Then it’s up to you, the editor, to choose what content you would like to include in your next issue!

After putting together your paper you then have to get people to read it. also has you covered there as you can share your newspaper via social media or get those who are interested to subscribe so that subsequent issues will be delivered straight to their email inbox.

The site even gives you an option to ‘Go Pro’ where you can have slots in your newspaper for advertisements, videos and white papers. Newspaper example

So if you’re a budding editor or just passionate about certain issues and know others who would also like to read about them visit and create your own online newspaper today!

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