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Their aim to “to attract millions of visitors to the site, who in term  will browse the portfolios of talented creative professionals who upload them.”

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Forget the days when portfolios existed only on paper or in a specially printed look book. Behance is an online platform where artistic portfolios come to life, showing off the work of thousands of creative individuals all in a sleek, easy to use and interactive format.

The aim of Behance is to “build a platform to remove the barriers between talent and opportunity” – and it has succeeded in doing just that. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, makeup artist or graphic designer, anyone can add their creative portfolio to the site. And if you have a professional page such as LinkedIn, your portfolio can be synched to your profile, letting potential employees view your work within seconds.

As soon as you visit the website the most popular profiles from all creative areas greet you. From here you can refine your search – pick the creative field you’re interested in, the location of the artist and even choose to see either completed projects or those that are still in production. You can also filter by the amount of views or ‘approvals’, the creative school that the artist graduated from, the tools used in their art, colours, and the types of galleries.

Since it’s launch in 2006 Behance has won a host of awards and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it provide a platform for online portfolios, but other organisations have seen the potential of Behance and created online galleries and exhibitions of work – such as the National Design Museum and Art Center College of Design in the United States.

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So if you’re an industry profession who wants to discover some raw talent, need a graphic designer to help you with your project or if you are just interested in seeing the artistic talent coming out of places like India or Brazil, then head on over to Behance.

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