Ever thought about starting your own blog? Check out the winners of this year’s Best Australian Blogs Competition for some tips on making it big from behind the keyboard.

Reservoir Dad

A 40-something year old house husband, dedicating his time to four gorgeous boys, was the winner of this year’s personal and parenting blog category.

As a personal blog, this one’s all about the ups and downs of life, from celebrating beautiful moments with his kids to inner demons, and even conversations with “Reservoir Mum”.

Reservoir Dad hails blogging as an immediately accessible creative outlet and this clearly shows through in his blogs, which were described as  “fall-on-the-floor funny, sharp, witty and just a little bit sexy” by this year’s judges.

Check out the hilarious, touching and always relatable antics here.

Cook Republic

food cupcake photography pink icingWhether you’re looking for a Saturday evening treat to whip up for your significant other, a quick but delicious meal for the family or an indulgent dessert for one, you’ll find it on Cook Republic.

Featuring spectacular photography that will rev up your taste buds and both complex and simple recipes, Cook Republic is a blog to savour.

Alongside precise measurements and detailed descriptions are entries that will amuse and inspire, from interviews with chefs to giveaways and beautiful memories revolving around food.


social media business cloud

If you thought blogs were only for hobbies, you’ve got it all wrong – blogging is an extremely successful medium for businesses to connect with the industry and clients alike.

herBusiness is operated by the Australian Businesswomen’s Network and offers commentary on a range of business facets, from development through to marketing, social media and recruiting.

The key element of this blog’s success is its variety – with tips for CEOs of large corporate companies through to small business owners, having something for everyone is the best way to draw traffic to your blog.

Read in a Single Sitting

While some blogs are all about reading for pleasure, others act as resources that people use in their daily lives.

Read in a Single Sitting is such a blog, with punchy, in depth book reviews that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Whether you’re trying to avoid buying a terrible book for your niece/father in law/work colleague or you’re always on the hunt for a good read, this blog will provide.

With new blogs popping up every day, the blogosphere and its population of Australian contributors just keeps getting bigger – the only thing missing is you!

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