Whether it’s planning my first overseas holiday or taking my car into the mechanic for a service, I put my faith in the opinion and experience of others – and so does everyone else.

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Everyone’s Doing It

Think you’re the only person who spends hours reading reviews about a sandwich toaster before you go and buy it? You’re wrong.

70% of consumers will head online to check out reviews and ratings before they even enter a shop or call to get a quote.

If that doesn’t convince you, in 2009 the top 10 review websites had a traffic boom, growing by 148% on average.

For many of us, it just makes sense to investigate other people’s thoughts and experiences with a particular service or company (especially considering that we trust consumer reviews a ridiculous 12 times more than what businesses have to say for themselves).

Food, Travel & Electricians

You want to take your significant other out for a beautiful birthday dinner, and you think it would be nice to go somewhere new – but how to choose?

Most people will phone a friend, but if your friend is fresh out of ideas, you’ll type in French Restaurant Surry Hills and head straight to the reviews discussing how perfect the ambiance lighting is at this place and how terribly rude the waiters are at that place.

Not surprisingly, when we have a lot at risk, we are a lot more likely to want hard evidence (someone else’s opinion) on the performance of a business.

This is especially clear with travel websites, such as Trip Advisor and even hotel comparison websites, all of which have extensive review systems that are updated day in, day out by travellers wanting to recommend the luxurious penthouse suite in Las Vegas or warn against the lumpy mattresses in a Peruvian hostel.

Similarly, we all want peace of mind when dealing with businesses closer to home – whether it be handing over your favourite pair of (regrettably damaged) party shoes to a cobbler or finding an electrician to work on your home renovation – which is why we turn to reviews time after time.

The Good & The Bad

It’s no surprise that consumers rely heavily on reviews, with 97% finding online reviews to be accurate.

So if you own and operate a business, you need to be keeping an eye on reviews; it might not be good having negative reviews, but it’s just as bad having no positive reviews.

Encourage your customers to leave their testimonial, whether it be on your Google Place, your website or any of the numerous review based websites.

Most businesses are bound to have at least one negative review and most websites allow you to reply to the customer’s concerns, addressing the issue and saving the image of your business.

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