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“Website about inventions, gadgets and design ideas. Daily update!”

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‘I New Idea’ is a website that provides information and links to the newest inventions, gadgets and design ideas, delivered to you in a simple and easy to navigate format. From the bizzare, to the interesting and to the plain useful, I New idea will open up your eyes.

Similar to some of the layouts that can be found on blogging sites such as Tumblr, the homepage of ‘I New Idea’ is set up in a ’tile’ styled layout, with each post presented as one of these tiles. This mode of navigation is easy on the eye and great to use. You simply scroll down through all the tiles until you find a post that interests you, then click on it to view the article.

The website is somewhat similar to another entry that was featured on the Wonderful World of Web, ‘This is Why I’m Broke’, in that many of the entries are for technological gadgets or designs that can be purchased. Where this website differs though is that it is set up more like a blog, where entries are posted by the moderators that act as a platform for these inventions and their inventors to present their concepts and innovations, rather than just those items that are available for sale.

Besides entries for new gadgets, wacky new styles of underwear, and novelty items, there are also news posts about events such as the opening of a new Steampunk themepark in France, as well as what could be termed fun or historical posts, like those titled ‘Odd Aircrafts in history’ or ‘Albino Animals’. Even though these are not new gadgets, these fun posts are still invention/design based.

The only things that this dLooker found disappointing about the website is that the links to further information or where to purchase the products were quite small, and hard to find. For a little while I didn’t even know if there were any! Although the entries are tagged with categories such as ‘Daily Life’, ‘Medical’ or ‘Home Decor’ for example, there is no index page or side bar that has a complete list of all the categories. So if you want to search all the entries that have been tagged ‘Accessories’ for example, you are forced to scroll down through all the entries until you find one that is tagged with this category and click on it. If you go to the ‘About Me’ page there is an indexed archive, however this is still confusing to find and unhelpful if you want to search via category.


Overall though, the website is a great place to go to read up about the newest inventions or innovations around the world and to find out about those past and present!

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